What is the "SotG NEAR" collection

The "Skulls of the Galaxy NEAR" collection was created using a neural network. Out of over 15 thousand generated images, a little more than 1 thousand were included in the collection. The images are posted as NFT on Paras website.

What can be considered as the collection value

Each token, as well as the entire collection, has a great cultural value which in itself can increase the value of the collection over time.
Moreover we add value in several ways so that everyone who joins us in the process can earn money on it as well as enjoy an exciting game!

How does it work

First, we are launching a website where NFT owners will be given an opportunity to get their token random attribute values. This will make each NFT unique not only as far as the image is concerned, but also in the "power" of the character. Second, we develop and create a board card game based on these characters. This version of the game is necessary for working out the mechanics and understanding what is missing in order for the game to be really exciting. The next step is to set up a DAO (a decentralized autonomous organization) allowing its members to participate in the game development decision-making. Then we are going to create a computer p2e game in which the players will be able to earn cryptocurrency, as well as create other NFT tokens.

How can you make money on it

  1. Buy any NFT from our collection.
  2. Follow us in social networks: Telegram.
  3. When the functional part of this site opens, go through the procedure of obtaining attributes for your token
  4. Put your NFT up for sale at a new price or store it to generate revenue in the next stages
  5. Get the opportunity to purchase at a special price a collectible version of the card game, printed especially for you!
  6. Forming the DAO, participate in the collection development process management.
  7. Developing a computer game, take the opportunity to play it in the beta version.
  8. Get the opportunity to be the first of the new game tokens creators.
  9. When the game is launched to the market, you will be able to receive part of the income from the game.

Why is this necessary

NFTs from the "Skulls of the Galaxy" collection are a kind of "shares" of the future gaming space built on a fast, cheap and secure blockchain "NEAR Protocol". By purchasing our tokens, you can:

How can you become an NTF owner

  1. Register your NEAR Wallet. This wallet will be useful to you in the future for storing cryptocurrencies and NFT.
  2. As soon as you have an active NEAR Wallet, you can go to Paras website and purchase any NFT from the collection.
  3. The token will be displayed in your wallet.
  4. Congratulations! You have become the owner of a part of our collection and a member of the community!